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Monday, March 14, 2016

Poem of Grace and Inspiration


Thank you for joining me today. I hope things are well for you as we near the first day of Spring!

I need to purchase a birthday card as that day is also my sister's birthday. At any rate, I have hopes of

warm days ahead when I just know I will be both motivated and inspired to the point of distraction.

Warm weather does that to me!

I just want to take a minute and share a poem I had meant to be part of a collection but decided to let

stand solo. I hope you like it!

The Grace of An Angel

I sense your presence in stillness
and beauty; I hear your voice
in a song. Love echoes back to me
your sentiment, your intent.
Standing before me I see outstretched
all things lovely and divine;
deep within I recognize them as you.
My life has never been left to chance
my days are not set to circumstance-
you helped me see that.
Reaching for dreams has been our forte
releasing myself from the chains of illusion
our delight.
How grateful I am you walked with me
into freedom's light!