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Friday, July 31, 2015

A poetic reflection

Here are a few poems today. I have been busy finishing my WIP and have been doing a lot of reading. For my birthday I bought myself a book of poetry, a book of poems by Rumi, of course!
Staying inspired is my goal. Ah, poetry!
Thanks for reading and reflecting on the many moods of my poetry. Life is awesome.

Be aware of the beauty all around you today.


It is in the quiet that your soul expands
rises to the blossoming it was made to do
Stillness coaxes joy out of something
something magnificent and hidden;
Love settles down in the quiet recesses of the heart
and hope guides the activity of thought;
all of this activity takes place in quietness
with steady focus and direction
Life is stirred in moments of quiet
truth revealed and joy expanded
Live life through the whispers of quiet
and watch the mystery unfold.


I look in a mirror
seeing not myself
I see a glory yet becoming
a dazzling star shining radiantly
it is truth looking back at me
eternal wisdom with eyes of grace
I see an expression of love's yearning
I see myself
I see Love
reflected in the mirror.

thanks again for sharing my love of words and being part of my poetic journey!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Deserving Joy


                                                               DESERVING JOY


    I deserve joy. I said the words quietly to myself, not out loud. It was a statement, more like an affirmation, really. It felt unnatural and yet I knew it shouldn't feel that way to make a statement about something that should be self-evident. We all deserve joy. That includes me, and it includes you!
    I stepped back after I made the statement to myself about deserving joy. The raw power of the statement rattled me. I wondered why. Didn't I believe I was deserving of joy? Had I even defined joy for myself?
    I needed to get clear on what joy was for me before I could claim the truth that I was worthy of it and see it in my life. After realizing this I took it upon myself to do just that. Define joy for myself. Have you ever done that?
    I began to see that, for me, joy is based on deeper, longer lasting principles. Joy is based on  a sense of gratefulness, a recognition of our good. It is walking through life with enthusiasm and excitement. You have an awareness that all is as it should be and rest in a sense of security as well as hope for the future. This is different than happiness, which is fleeting and often based on swiftly changing circumstances. Did I get that letter in the mail today? How well did my new recipe turn
out? Those type of things. No. Happiness doesn't go as deep as joy. Happiness is skin-deep while joy is soul-deep.

     I think today I will think more about deserving joy. How we all do. So often we push away our good by not allowing ourselves to open up to it. I say let's take time to consciously expand the space within us that receives all good things. That is open to joy.
     I wish you a growing sense of joy now and always. Thanks for being a part of my joy as I write from the heart. I'd love it if you'd share your definition of joy and spread the love!