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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Change is in the Air: Poetry and Fall, Maple Leaf Quilt and All

    Hi! I am thinking about Autumn right now. I know it is a little early, but the change of seasons seems to be in the air. I like the cooler nights and the colors. Pretty soon we will be seeing maple leaves turn, my favorite!

     What is it about seasons that draw us to embrace them or dread them? Spring has color and newness, summer has sun and water, and Fall (what I call Autumn) is ablaze with color and harvest, cooler temps and the beginning of holidays. Winter brings cold, Christmas, hot chocolate. I had to stretch on that last one, as Winter is not my favorite. 
     Do you have a favorite season? What is it about it that you anticipate? Feel inspired by?

     I hope to enjoy this change of seasons. I'd like to take lots of photos and spend time reading and writing outside. I might even get those three pumpkins on the porch like I say I will every year and never do!

Here is short poem, just for fun.


Leaves change their color
a glorious display of
hue and tone;
vibrant before their demise
how bold
how exuberant
one last show before they go.
Leaves alter
lives alter
one step on the path
that never ends
nothing stays the same.

My Mom's Maple Leaf Quilt.... I love it!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Birthing Into Life; A Poem and Dedication

Today I have a poem about life changes, creating yourself anew. It has been a theme with me for a while now. I dedicate this poem to Wayne Dyer, author and inspirer-of-my-soul. I am saddened by your passing, wish I could have told you how much you influenced my life, yet hold the knowledge that we are one (so you know) and that love is the answer to it all.


I am birthing a vision
a dream
creating  the reality
my soul longs to breathe;
with raw passion burning
nurturing my desire
a hunger thrives and grows.
I am busy birthing a new life-
my Self, reborn
taking constellations
creating galaxies.
It is no easy task
creating a new life
my mind is occupied with the task
of using the building blocks
of intention and purpose;
I cannot sleep when inspiration strikes
and a grounded sense of being and oneness
washes over me.
So now you are a witness now
to the anticipation growing within me
to the new life I
am birthing;
this new life is a Self expanded
all embracing and all-encompassing.
It is my destiny.

What do you wish to birth into your life?