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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stepping Out in Faith

I love how life works... I really do.

I have been plodding along, taking steps towards promoting my books, experiencing challenges and
struggles as I am doing this on my own and have, for the moment, no budget due to leaving my job
behind to write.  I received a message on FB from a friend, on my wedding anniversary no less, when
I was bummed about having no money, who encouraged me just when I needed encouraged.  She was
so thoughtful and full of support!The timing was perfect.

 I think God does that. Sends you the perfect person, book or song at just the right time. You see, we are never alone. I know that. I hope you can see and know it, too. Love is always near. It is easy to forget the awesomeness of that truth when life hits you, tries to make you believe in the opposite.

I suppose that is why I am so thankful for friends like the one I mentioned earlier, those rays of light
that shine for us when our own light dims just a little. They are there for us, light the way.
Oh, and when I mentioned no budget? I meant it. No dinero.  Nada. For the first time in my adult life
I have no secure paycheck.  Just a bit scary. So I am for now doing this, writing and promoting, with
a sense of patience and hopeful awareness. Of course I wonder, was it a smart move? Only in the
sense that I have time to write, feel inspired and explore the inner recesses of my soul and write what
my heart and soul feels it needs to.

I trust that all things will work out and everything will work out. All will be provided.
I am writing and writing some more. My friend who offered words of encouragement to me gave me
several gifts - recognition, hope, inspiration and faith.
I hope that whatever life is giving you now it is filled with abundant examples of love and support.
And remember we are that example for others, too. Life comes full circle.

Faith is the root of all blessings- Jeremy Taylor

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Thank you for being here!

I am making this a personal entry today.

Because I am feeling so many things at once right now.

Has that ever happened to you? I'm betting it has. It must be universal. Part of the human experience.

So while I'm going through things, does it help to realize that I have caused most of what I'm going through (and, consequently, would rather not be) ? In other words, I am responsible for my situation.

No! part of me wants to rebel at this but I know better. I know the truth. I stubbornly, crazily, used to teach my preschool class a pledge about choices and consequences! Yeah. I know.
I accept how the universe works. I guess what I realize is that I have things in my life that are hard to deal with and I put them there, even though I say I'm ready for a new life, for abundance, health, joy and laughter. It is a test of faith, a time of getting clear on what I believe.

 Looking at ways that I sabotage my dreams is painful. I must be patient as the progression of my faith leads toward victory.

I hope you are seeing that we all do things we know we shouldn't at times. It is turning back, becoming aware of our actions and motivations, that we gain perspective and insight, even the strength to do better. To grow and change.
Here's to that.

That's my story.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Trials on the journey

Sometimes we go through things in life that seem unfair. Things can get so hard to deal with sometimes!
 Part of the journey of life is learning to transcend what we perceive to be our limitations  and/or circumstances. Our understanding progresses as we consider what is within our control, how to deal with what we can't. Our values and beliefs may shift as a result. This is my experience, anyway, and maybe yours, too.
What I know is that while I have let go of some ideas, beliefs and perceptions that I can see are not life-affirming, I have adopted new ones that further my goal of  living more inspired and at peace.
This involves positive affirmations and much reading of inspirational texts, followed by meditation and prayer.
I must note that this effort has not come without testing. Lucky my resolve to really change is strong- of course maybe this brings harder tests!
I would leave you with a poem I wrote and a quote. I hope you feel that whatever you are going through , you are never ever alone.  Be at peace and encouraged, for everything is as it should be.

It is not the victory that makes the joy of noble hearts, but the combat- Montalembert


The night is quiet
I should be asleep,
but my soul is awake
to the sound of the deep;
leaving the familiar heart-space
of feeling restless and alone
I watched awareness creep
into my heart;
the darkness has lost its power over me!
In my mind's eye I start to see
truth and love dwell in  prefect harmony
as dawn brings the first shining rays of light
and signals the fading of the night.