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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello! Welcome to my poetry blog!!
I am anticipating fall weather as many are and have somehow been doing a lot of reading lately. It surprised me that I did what I used to do at the library - get three books in the Self Improvement /spirituality aisles. They were great at giving me just what I needed and I love when books do that.. or when I am led to the perfect books, however you want to look at it; I gained a great deal of insight from those books.
Below is a poem that came about after reading these books.  Enjoy!


Love comes and goes with the wind
love's constant movement is the only constant
beating our hearts
fueling our dreams-
standing  before me is  Love
rising before me is Love
coming closer to me
is Love
and I grab hold of it
willing it to stay
I want  no barrier
between love and I
for I am the child of love;
I come and go in the wind
constant movement is my only
and now I am beating you heart
fueling your dreams-
standing and rising before us now
is love
it is close to us both
so let us grab hold of it
combine our willingness for it to stay

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hello! Thanks for stopping in today! I have been very busy writing and reading... my first non-fiction is in the works and I started a collection  of poetry for a new book of poems to be published in the future. What I am sharing below is a selection of poems I will not put in my book-- they are only to be found here! I hope you enjoy. I welcome comments and ideas. And now for the star of the show..


Do we know each other
or have we ceased
to taste, feel and hear each others'
heartbeat and song-
the nights are not a comfort
like they were upon a time once;
perhaps we should grace each other
with love for love's sake
and see where we go
from there


Saying goodbye to the dream I had
left  me feeling alone and vulnerable-
what was I to do without my dream
to guide me, inspire and sustain
I wondered
Now a part of me was gone
 barely a meager offering left to salvage
and I was a stranger
even to myself
saying goodbye
saying hello
to myself


Without you the world has no color, no sound, no meaning;
without you do I even exist?
I can't breath-
when I think of life without you
life ceases
freezes and cracks,
shattering the illusion of it all
and truth becomes relevant
for the first time I want to know
are You the truth?