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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Greetings! I have some poetry for you today. I have been writing some poetry for a new book and have been enjoying it. Here are some  poems I wrote , not for my book but in my journal.  Here's to quiet time!


Thinking of love
the power of the universe
coursing through my veins
I cannot feel any differently than this
than I do right now-
I will face the obstacles and way too many
self-inflicted blocks
I let in this light
take my stand for tomorrow
and dream of possibilities
releasing all that held me back
and reaching for the stars
with you by my side


I feel a difference
coming over me,
in an instant I am sure of
I never knew before;
a knowing that I cannot forget
breathes within me now
and takes me to a place of
and magic.
I am
from the inside out
and it happened in an instant
a moment of silence
when we met on sacred ground.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poetry Musings

Hello! Welcome to my poetry musings today. I am going to share some new poems that  I hope you will like today.

First, let me say that my poetry is heartfelt and emotional. It comes from my attempt to name and internalize my feelings. I write to better understand things and I have had a year of big changes in my life. We all go through those years.  They help us grow, if nothing else. If I didn't write I am not sure what I would do to get through some things!

I express my joys and sadness as well as hopes and dreams within my poetry. Below are two recent poems.


How can I know which way to go
when I have to be practical
and if I go the way I want to go
I lose security and provision
I see nothing inspirational about hunger
at all
so my question again is
what do I do
when my dream
the path I want to take
seems to have closed its doors
and even the windows
in my face


I am thankful for this moment
when I can be with you
in silence
and hear your message
of inspiration and possibility;
You make my spirit dream
of a wondrous life
and of my worth;
you radiate peace and healing
into my broken places
and I begin to see
my destiny
in this moment
with you.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Support makes the world go round

Hello! Glad you are here. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me.
Today I want to say that what has been on my mind lately is how much it means to me to have supportive people who encourage me on this journey. I am grateful and amazed at the encouragement and motivation offered to me by fellow authors, friends, family. Truly I feel blessed to have support to go after my dreams. Thinking about this, several things came to my mind. One, we feel empowered ourselves when we build someone up. Two, being supportive of someone involves positive energy and this energy comes back to us. Three, we ourselves will need support at some time in our lives. Those who know you support them are going to be there for you. Let's go

through these points further.

1. We feel empowered ourselves when we build someone else up. This is because we are coming from a powerful place when we step outside of our small self and seek to inspire or offer comfort to another. Coming from a place of oneness and compassion, of generosity, is coming from the divine source within us. Any kindness and love we give out is returned to us.
2. Being supportive of someone involves positive energy. This is the kind of uplifting, inspiring energy that instills faith and hope in others. Sometimes having someone believe in you impacts you so much you begin to believe in yourself and give yourself permission to dream. This is the kind of energy that embraces life despite the challenges and setbacks, that sees the possibilities as endless. It is a 'say yes' feeling and adopts the attitude of 'why not'.
3.We ourselves will need support at some time in our life. Ah, the sad fact of life is that we will face difficulty. Hard times. The people we lean on for support during those times make life bearable and beautiful, do they not? Their presence in our life is something to cherish. Without them life would be harder than it needs to be.

For the reasons above and the many reasons I didn't mention, those who support us are very precious. I started out by thinking of how much support I have found in regards to my writing career. So many well wishes and words of encouragement right when you need it. Even the sharing of knowledge and tips of wisdom go a long way toward saying, I want the best for you. Go for it. You can do it. This type of interaction gives me a boost. It is so uplifting and energizing to receive such support and I am always grateful. I personally have found such inspiring people and have been touched by words of support on just the right day. My heart leaps a little just thinking about those moments!

I think wherever you are, you can find such a support system that you will be amazed. Do the people in your support system know you recognize and appreciate them? It never hurts to let people know that you value them, does it? Hmm.

Of course I don't want to have this be a one-sided look at this topic. We receive support and also give it. That is what makes the circle complete. In fact, I bet you can name multiple causes and people you support. Great. That is wonderful! So many of us give and give. We are givers. I am not going to talk about giving at this point, although I hope you are giving to yourself, too. Not in a greedy, self-obsessed way but in a nurturing and honoring kind of way. You deserve that. But, for the moment, I want to focus on the many people involved in bringing us closer to our dreams. Who helps you become more of who you are, who aids you in living from your highest self? Those individuals are the ones who get you. They offer you the world. Let them know how much they have impacted your life. You are doing that same thing for someone else. I'm pretty sure.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Did you listen to the lyrics - a poetry expose

Today is all about poetry. I am specifically thinking of  the power behind the words, what poetry expresses. To me poetry expresses feelings, ideas and most of all the pain and joy of emotional experiences.

 It is similar to a great song. We say, did you listen to the lyrics? Think about that. We are asking, "did you stop and think about what the words are saying?", do you hear the message being expressed?

Songs, like a great poem, can express what we are feeling with words that, as the saying goes, say it all. Whether the songs are upbeat or sad, nostalgic or angry, we resonate with some more than others because of what they are saying. What song do you repeatedly sing because it is so catchy or carries exactly the right sentiment? It is perfect for the moment in its emotional pull, isn't it?
Consider these:
"I'm here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away."
"I could've had it all..."
"I will always love you."
"You give love a bad name."
 I write the songs that make the young girls cry..."

Words convey our intent. They give definition to our emotions. Through our words others can relate to us and learn about us, our thoughts, dreams and visions of the future.  Everything from our regrets to our best-laid plans needs words to be fully expressed.

Communication is all about exchange of  ideas and intent. thought, feeling and desire.

I have read many poetry books lately that do a great job of bringing emotions to the forefront. Even emotions I have buried and have not  in years may rise up at the reading of that poem. But that is what I want. I want to feel when I read.  
Do you like to feel when you read? I bet you do. It is the pleasure from  the experiences we have while reading that brings us back for more.
I am writing poems again for a new book and find myself more critical this time, not sure if they are good enough or accurate. Are the words too shallow? Too dry? I don't know, and doubting myself on my word choice is frustrating. I have to learn to relax. The words will come.
So, the next time you can't get a song out of your head,  just go with it. It's there for a reason.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stepping Out in Faith

I love how life works... I really do.

I have been plodding along, taking steps towards promoting my books, experiencing challenges and
struggles as I am doing this on my own and have, for the moment, no budget due to leaving my job
behind to write.  I received a message on FB from a friend, on my wedding anniversary no less, when
I was bummed about having no money, who encouraged me just when I needed encouraged.  She was
so thoughtful and full of support!The timing was perfect.

 I think God does that. Sends you the perfect person, book or song at just the right time. You see, we are never alone. I know that. I hope you can see and know it, too. Love is always near. It is easy to forget the awesomeness of that truth when life hits you, tries to make you believe in the opposite.

I suppose that is why I am so thankful for friends like the one I mentioned earlier, those rays of light
that shine for us when our own light dims just a little. They are there for us, light the way.
Oh, and when I mentioned no budget? I meant it. No dinero.  Nada. For the first time in my adult life
I have no secure paycheck.  Just a bit scary. So I am for now doing this, writing and promoting, with
a sense of patience and hopeful awareness. Of course I wonder, was it a smart move? Only in the
sense that I have time to write, feel inspired and explore the inner recesses of my soul and write what
my heart and soul feels it needs to.

I trust that all things will work out and everything will work out. All will be provided.
I am writing and writing some more. My friend who offered words of encouragement to me gave me
several gifts - recognition, hope, inspiration and faith.
I hope that whatever life is giving you now it is filled with abundant examples of love and support.
And remember we are that example for others, too. Life comes full circle.

Faith is the root of all blessings- Jeremy Taylor

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Thank you for being here!

I am making this a personal entry today.

Because I am feeling so many things at once right now.

Has that ever happened to you? I'm betting it has. It must be universal. Part of the human experience.

So while I'm going through things, does it help to realize that I have caused most of what I'm going through (and, consequently, would rather not be) ? In other words, I am responsible for my situation.

No! part of me wants to rebel at this but I know better. I know the truth. I stubbornly, crazily, used to teach my preschool class a pledge about choices and consequences! Yeah. I know.
I accept how the universe works. I guess what I realize is that I have things in my life that are hard to deal with and I put them there, even though I say I'm ready for a new life, for abundance, health, joy and laughter. It is a test of faith, a time of getting clear on what I believe.

 Looking at ways that I sabotage my dreams is painful. I must be patient as the progression of my faith leads toward victory.

I hope you are seeing that we all do things we know we shouldn't at times. It is turning back, becoming aware of our actions and motivations, that we gain perspective and insight, even the strength to do better. To grow and change.
Here's to that.

That's my story.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Trials on the journey

Sometimes we go through things in life that seem unfair. Things can get so hard to deal with sometimes!
 Part of the journey of life is learning to transcend what we perceive to be our limitations  and/or circumstances. Our understanding progresses as we consider what is within our control, how to deal with what we can't. Our values and beliefs may shift as a result. This is my experience, anyway, and maybe yours, too.
What I know is that while I have let go of some ideas, beliefs and perceptions that I can see are not life-affirming, I have adopted new ones that further my goal of  living more inspired and at peace.
This involves positive affirmations and much reading of inspirational texts, followed by meditation and prayer.
I must note that this effort has not come without testing. Lucky my resolve to really change is strong- of course maybe this brings harder tests!
I would leave you with a poem I wrote and a quote. I hope you feel that whatever you are going through , you are never ever alone.  Be at peace and encouraged, for everything is as it should be.

It is not the victory that makes the joy of noble hearts, but the combat- Montalembert


The night is quiet
I should be asleep,
but my soul is awake
to the sound of the deep;
leaving the familiar heart-space
of feeling restless and alone
I watched awareness creep
into my heart;
the darkness has lost its power over me!
In my mind's eye I start to see
truth and love dwell in  prefect harmony
as dawn brings the first shining rays of light
and signals the fading of the night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello! Welcome to my poetry blog!!
I am anticipating fall weather as many are and have somehow been doing a lot of reading lately. It surprised me that I did what I used to do at the library - get three books in the Self Improvement /spirituality aisles. They were great at giving me just what I needed and I love when books do that.. or when I am led to the perfect books, however you want to look at it; I gained a great deal of insight from those books.
Below is a poem that came about after reading these books.  Enjoy!


Love comes and goes with the wind
love's constant movement is the only constant
beating our hearts
fueling our dreams-
standing  before me is  Love
rising before me is Love
coming closer to me
is Love
and I grab hold of it
willing it to stay
I want  no barrier
between love and I
for I am the child of love;
I come and go in the wind
constant movement is my only
and now I am beating you heart
fueling your dreams-
standing and rising before us now
is love
it is close to us both
so let us grab hold of it
combine our willingness for it to stay

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hello! Thanks for stopping in today! I have been very busy writing and reading... my first non-fiction is in the works and I started a collection  of poetry for a new book of poems to be published in the future. What I am sharing below is a selection of poems I will not put in my book-- they are only to be found here! I hope you enjoy. I welcome comments and ideas. And now for the star of the show..


Do we know each other
or have we ceased
to taste, feel and hear each others'
heartbeat and song-
the nights are not a comfort
like they were upon a time once;
perhaps we should grace each other
with love for love's sake
and see where we go
from there


Saying goodbye to the dream I had
left  me feeling alone and vulnerable-
what was I to do without my dream
to guide me, inspire and sustain
I wondered
Now a part of me was gone
 barely a meager offering left to salvage
and I was a stranger
even to myself
saying goodbye
saying hello
to myself


Without you the world has no color, no sound, no meaning;
without you do I even exist?
I can't breath-
when I think of life without you
life ceases
freezes and cracks,
shattering the illusion of it all
and truth becomes relevant
for the first time I want to know
are You the truth?

Friday, August 22, 2014

A woman's faith and more


I am finally doing a brief commentary on my newest book,  A Woman's Faith.
It is a special book to me for many being the topic of faith is so important to me, and two, it speaks of my whole purpose for writing, which is to inspire and motivate and help others  even if just a little bit. It is my soul's deepest wish to bring comfort, insight and peace through my words.
went through a great time of it in the beginning. I love to self-reflect and kept my pace as I was writing. For a while. Then real life set in. Issues in my work, my marriage, even my health, all fell upon me in what seemed like a one-time explosive bomb.  Struggling to do the everyday was so difficult, and usually writing helps me with that. But I couldn't find the positivity I needed, the inspiration. I felt almost dead inside. Isn't that crazy? To be in the midst of writing a book on something so meaningful and inspiring then have your 'mojo' leave you?
I tried to draw sustenance from what I had already written and yet the only thing I could do was hold on to the meaning of what I had already written. Draw strength from books, other writers. Keep going.
Eventually I started writing again, adding poetry to my book. This was a healing act and creative act as well. I love poetry and was glad to include some in my book. They are my soul's expressions,  my poems. I hope when people read them they can feel that. For me my writing is a way to encourage, motivate and inspire and in the process of writing I am changed. I receive what I am trying to give and put on the page. Perhaps it is that openness that I want to have, need to have, that enables me to receive as well as give.
In my book I examine the personalization of faith and its meaning for our life. We see our lives from the lens of our values and beliefs. Taking time to clarify and strengthen our innermost thoughts and beliefs brings alignment in our lives.  I am writing another book and yet this book remains to me like a reliable, wise friend. Always there and a source of strength and comfort.
Are there any books that have done that for you?  Given you some insight or boost of encouragement just when you needed it? There have been for me. Plenty of them. It is my hope that this book, my book, may do that for someone else. Especially you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Going through Passages.. Exhibit and Conclusions


     Welcome to the world of reading and writing. That is what we may hear from others in the business and say to ourselves when we embark upon a writing career. At some point. Well, I was able to do just that when I went to an exhibit entitled "Passages" in my hometown that contained a treasure trove of artifacts and documents, dealing with the history and evolution of the Bible.  I saw fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls, scrolls and documents of various centuries, bibles of numerous regions and time periods and much more. I was indeed struck by the religious significance, of course, and was moved by that immensely, but  I was also  touched by the exposure to the theme of and tangible evidence of writing throughout time. Here are some things that I was struck by:

1. The importance of having a permanent record in writing.
2. The reason behind the text being written in the first place.
3. The value placed on what was written, and lastly,
4. The writers (scribes) themselves.

     So much importance put upon what was written, the act of writing itself given  I think at first a grand and noble aura, a mystique and sacredness almost. It turned into a form of power, then a way to maintain power. It was used as such, and in time became marginalized and integrated into everyday life. Even the journey of writing itself could make an interesting book and there are a few out there!

     All this is to say that our ability to read and write is an awesome gift that should not be taken lightly. We gain immeasurably by having this privilege and I hope we realize that.

     Also, if the traveling exhibit "Passages" comes to your town, you simply have to see it! You owe it to yourself!

Friday, August 1, 2014

A woman's faith

Hello! I am hoping this finds you well and ready for a wonderful August! Time goes by so quickly.. summer is here for a little while longer, then a change of seasons is upon us. Time for reflection is rare and precious, and yet the rewards are so vast!
What came of my reflections and journaling is my latest book, my second baby if you will, that is ready for the world!
It is a book about faith, in particular a woman's faith, hence the title,  A woman's faith.I feel strongly that faith
is a personal matter, individual yet relational. It is the core of our faith that shapes us and directs us.
After giving much thought to the matter of faith I wrote my second book. I would love for you to check it out and join me in celebrating the strength we have within!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Whispers ..

Finding, or rather rediscovering, that I have a deep love for poetry has been a life changing event for me. I think it is because I feel that self expression is an art, and poetry is a form of that. I recently went to the art museum in town and truly enjoyed the experience of being surrounded by numerous forms of art from various time periods. Creativity and self expression, be it from a brush or pen, inspires me. I often think of the time and dedication it took to hone those innate skills.. I know talent needs refined and working on something with a defined goal draws that talent forth. But I am getting off track here a little bit!
What inspires you, causes you to take a breath of wonder from deep within, makes time stand still? What talents do you possess- and you so have some- that the world would rejoice to see released? These questions I am asking are not light ones but they are meaningful. So pause when you can and reflect on them, perhaps letting them bring you to insights that will astound you. Here's to revelations and insights!
Also, I started this with a mention of poetry and I will end with poetry! Tying in with talent being honed and honoring your skill, there is a new poetry anthology out comprised of a collection of spiritual poems. Entitled Whispers of the Soul, it is on amazon now, and yes, I do have a poem published in it, but all the poems are truly wonderful. This is a terrific addition to anyone's collection of poetry and it is available in print or ebook. Check it out for yourself !!Here is the link

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looking and seeing

Today I am enjoying the weather and have given myself time to read and write. What a great thing! I recently took a vacation so I am posting a picture of that...nothing like your favorite spot to inspire creativity! It is also nice to come away from something with a sense of being expanded, enriched. I was inspired to write two poems after reading Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist! Oh, what a book! Truly loved it. Read it straight through and plan to read it again soon, making note of key phrases and such. Tremendous insight in that book!
Anyway, my point is that things around us speak to us of truth all the time, if we will only slow down and listen. Life is so fast paced these days that much is missed or at the very least taken for granted. When we acknowledge that we are surrounded by blessings, always, it becomes easier to see these blessings and to fill our lives and the lives of others with joy. It all starts with a willingness to look and see!


look around you
when you look with eyes that see clearly
gone is the line between you and me
it is blurred by the light of truth that shines
radiantly from a soul divine;
look around you
you'll see that which you already knew
that there is no separation or division
discovering unity is our true mission;
the reason for everything
the answer for everything
is found when you

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspiring Writing and Fellow Spiritual Writers

Hello again! Today is a day of celebration for me, but more on that to come. I am focusing today on the inspiration I received from the writing of  Matthew Rainbow Walker. His books "Perspective" and "The meaning of life" both accurately summed up the wisdom of several years worth of reading on the topic of manifesting, thought power,  and spiritual growth in general. The books are brief yet truth-filled and oozing with enthusiasm and passion. That's the kind of writing I can appreciate! If this topic interests you, and even if you have read many books on self growth and spirituality like I have, you will come away from these books with a sense of ease, peace and encouragement.  Happy Reading!!
 the link for "Perspective" is

also, for "The meaning of life" the link is

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Poetry and Inspiration


This is poem I wrote during a stressful time in my life and after I read a book that inspired me and uplifted me. The reference to the rose refers to our gift, the special gift we have to offer the world. I hope that this year I can focus on this and expand my outreach. That is the purpose of my writing and my deepest desire. I hope you enjoy the poem!

Edge of Heaven

I stand edge of heaven
looking down upon the earth
am I ready for this I say
I wonder if there is another
I do not want to forget
who I am, where I am
the sublime beauty of this place
my truest home of homes
Taking a moment
I inhale deeply
of the love infusing my atmosphere
slowly I prepare to jump
to descend
and I hold within my sacred center
the vision of my rose
my purpose and light
the reason to go
the reason I stand on the edge of heaven
looking down upon the earth.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

To write about it.. writer's query

This is a brief post today. I am balancing changes in work, home and other aspects of life. Just when I decided to focus on my writing,
a ton of challenges were put upon me. Such is life!
My hope is that you are embracing all life offers and keep positive. Our feelings and thoughts are so important and influence those around us. On that note I want to say that from a writing standpoint I am not sure of what I will write next, but I know what is on my heart.. relationships. Perhaps I will go with that and let my searching and questioning bring me to the answers I seek and to inspiration. With that I will bring forth my new book.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Welcome to a brief discussion on the power of words! I will start by saying that my ultimate goal is that my poems inspire, reach, touch others on a soul level. Perhaps that is because I am drawn to giving of my heart which feels such thankfulness and also the desire to awaken in others the truth of their beauty and power. The Hafiz quote below states that yearning quite beautifully and also summarizes my past month, which has been challenging. Nevertheless, I give you two poems below to ponder. From me to you!

We are given love to share 
express,build and grow
We are given joy 
to multiply, taste and impart
We are given the power 
to heal, create and forgive
We are given life to live 
may we use it well


Make of my intent what you will 
take my desire to it's ultimate fulfillment 
make manifest my dreams 
and may their expression 
be our delight

     Let me just say I love Rumi and Hafiz. Their poetry reminds me of a whispered blessing over someone asleep, done by someone standing over them. It never fails to cause my breath to catch, my heart to stir. My innermost being recognizes the wisdom contained within the words, I feel lifted out of my narrow shell and my true Self is revealed. What a glorious, expansive feeling!
     This is what I love about poetry and words in general. I love the moment when the words you read soak in and change you in some way, with either a new realization or absolute confirmation. Your thoughts and feelings, and yes, beliefs, are ultimately affected. Words are powerful agents of change, and this is awesome! 
     So as you read, stop for a minute and observe how what you are reading is affecting you. You might be in for a surprise.
     I have included below a beautiful quote by Hafiz that I love. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why I am a sprouting soul and you should be, too

I just spent days reading and rereading  "Sprouted Soul" by Doobie Shemer and I come away feeling changed every time. Changed into more. Changed by the sheer energy and emotion that is expressed within the pages of this collection of deeply intuitive and spiritual poems. The poems describe with yearning , agony and ectasy the delight of reaching for and finding the divine. The masterful use of divinely chosen words truly does transport you to a place of ethereal joy and longing, where your soul is laid bare and honest before you. This poetry book is powerful, moving and as divinely inspired as anything I have every read.
Please, please, please get this book and give it as a gift to your highest self. You will be so glad you did!
This is a brief post today, but I really want you to seek out this beautiful, love-filled poetry book by Doobie Shemer. It is a blessing waiting to be received!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Moving Poetry

This morning I want to give a shout out to a fellow poet who I came across recently. Her name is Shavonne L Jackson and her book of poetry titled "At Night She Cried" is available now.
I enjoyed this book of poetry for many reasons. It is an honest, fresh and deeply introspective look at life that I found laced with wisdom, grace and honesty. There is no shying away from emotion here!  
To me , the poems reflected self assessment , growth, evolution of a woman's soul. I felt many familiar emotions stirred up within me as I read these poems and I could feel myself pulled along on the journey the author wrote about in her poems. Reading them took me to places I had and still have within me, brought raw emotion to the surface. Isn't that what powerful writing does?
This is a brief blog, but I would rather you go read the poems in this book! Check it out!
Shavonne Jackson                  "At Night She Cried"

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I am considering this morning all the gifts that I have and how lucky I am. 
I have felt very loved this week, thanks to the outpouring of love I received 
when things were getting a little too much for me! To be surrounded by support 
and encouragement is such a blessing! Many times we are so busy making sure 
we are there for others that we do not realize how much others are there for us, 
or even that we need them. But we do, of course. And they are. So consider 
this a recognition of the truth that love is always closer than the air we breath. 
It is the air we breath.
Love and many thanks!

Some poetry from this week...


                                 I felt your love 
                                 across time 
                                 reach me and comfort me 
                                 calming my spirit; 
                                 as I seek answers 
                                 and look for peace 
                                 you are there for me 
                                 and your love still inspires me 
                                 to be the best I can be 
                                 and now it guides me 
                                 when I need a helping hand


                                    I pray my faith covers you 
                                    surrounds you 
                                    leads you to peace; 
                                    may all you seek be given to you 
                                    may the stirrings of your heart be made quiet 
                                    as love takes you by the hand
                                    and speaks to you 

                                    when you see the light of love 
                                    enveloping and infusing you 
                                    the days are made sweeter 
                                    your spirit is renewed 
                                    and the light you have within you 
                                    shines brighter than the sun



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Captured on paper!

I am loving micropoetry this morning and feel inclined to write on the theme of family as of late.
Maybe it is the time of year or perhaps life in general, but I am going to have to organize my feelings through writing soon!
My hope today is to focus on my goals, gain clarity and write !!
There is a great deal of beauty in the world and as I step into this season of changes and growth I hope to capture some of it on paper!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorites then and now

    As I was driving in my car one morning I began to remember songs that I had liked in childhood and was struck by the fact that so many of them, when I thought of the lyrics, read like a poem. Awesome that even at even at a young age something inside of me responded to poetic verse and that the radio was my first introduction to words-albeit sung and accompanied by music-  that evoked emotion. Before I read poetry I could hear a tune and I would think "oh, listen to the words of that song!"
It cannot come as a surprise, I suppose, that the longing and yearning, the push and pull of the heart, is what etched those songs into my brain. Ergo books and movies that I more than like, but love. 
 Titanic, Memoirs of a geisha, Gone With the Wind, to name a few. And books. I love books on the longer side, books that take you somewhere, someplace emotionally that changes you. Makes you think. Feel. Grow.
     I think what we enjoy says a lot about us. As we change our likes change with us, but it is true that certain key things about us will remain the same. Those key components reveal our heart, our very essence.
      I am hopeful as I venture out in my writing career that I can do exactly what those songs, books and movies did for me and still do; give an experience to the reader that causes them to feel, think, stretch and question. Perhaps then they will believe in the best being possible, in the beauty that surrounds us, in themselves and each other.  Not a bad way to be. Hey, I was just given a song...
 Imagine... Thank you, John Lennon !

Friday, April 4, 2014

Season of inspiration

  So much newness in spring! I love the season of spring. Just the sight of color can sooth my restless spirit and can fuel my imagination with ideas and possibilities. Endless examples of life, growth, change. Everything is vibrant and new. Love is in the air, they say.
  So you might say I personally feel inspired by spring. By weather that is warm, colorful.
When it comes to writing we can look for what inspires us and use that in a way that brings a certain quality to what we write. This quality will shine through even if we can't identify what it is exactly.
  Think to what inspires you, take care to not to keep yourself from those things for too long. Really, this is about being in balance and not being too extreme on either end of the spectrum. Burnout and lack of inspiration, while maybe not totally unavoidable at times, can be lessened and shortened intensity perhaps if we take steps to fill our days with as much of what inspires us as we can.
    For me, the topic of my next book is motivating. I am at a phase where I am excited to write about what is near and dear to my heart and I am slowly getting the structure of my book to the halfway point; it is after that point that I am needing guidance. It will come, and I will finish my book.
   The journey of beginning this new phase of my life, to becoming a writer, has brought me to new places emotionally and spiritually, too.
   It is my hope that we seek and find joy and inspiration, whatever season we love, whatever challenges come upon us, wherever we are. Just opening ourselves up to the beauty and blessings we have around us will create an atmosphere of motivation, peace and positivity. That is worth writing about!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


     This morning I am thinking of what personally inspires me to write, what inspires me about others. Life in general. I recognize traits within others I admire and want to have within myself. I feel the world would be a better place if I expressed more of certain qualities, so I strive to do so. But what is it within others that uplifts us, just from being around them? How do we choose what inspires us.. Or does it choose us?
     It is like a topic for writing. If an idea gets hold of us and settles in our minds, at what point do we give it the time and space it needs to develop? when we do it is perhaps the inspiration we feel that propels us forward. Focused and energized, we call ourselves inspired. 
     What is inspiration to you? A feeling of all things are possible? A joyous emotion? The hope of making a better future? A combination of things? It is interesting that this answer will vary from person to person yet we all value having inspiration in our life and recognize it when it is gone. We bemoan the fact that we can feel its lack, for something is off if it is missing from our life. We know it. 
     So as I think of people who have inspired me, who offered me an example of someone who took being a person of integrity seriously, and of those who are inspiring me right now, I see there is no difference. The love and encouragement I was surrounded with then and still have now is the same and it enables me to feel capable of achieving my dreams. So I write. 
     What inspires me to write is they joy it brings, the purpose I feel I have for doing it. It is fulfilling and challenging. Who inspires me? That list has become part of me, of who I see myself to be. And that influences my writing. 
     Take what you will from this message of inspiration today. Feel, write and live from inspiration.
The world will thank you for it!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poetry in Motion

Today I am focusing on poetry. Why do I love it? Perhaps it is the play on words, the expressive nuances and double meanings. The ability to evoke emotion, speak of universal experiences in either a funny, serious or reverent way. The mood, the tone, the choice to be brief or expound at length. 
Poems have always spoken to the reflective, inner seeker in me that ponders deep questions.
Whatever we write, our words are an expression of our heart and mind , reveals the stirring with our imagination and focus of our heart. 
It is with this being said I will leave you with a few poems. 

My Dream

My dream is coming true 
to express my heart with words on the page; 
soaring high on the wings of my destiny 
I fly into the 
abyss of joy.


Rest with me 
let me into your troubled questions
I will dry your tears
I will fortify your soul;
Rest with me 
welcome me into your life 
and the sun will shine again 
upon you.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Word count

Beginning a new book, A Woman's Faith, early into ch3 and finding it wants to take its own path. Should I even bother giving a title to the chapters if they end up not even corresponding? Wow. And I wish I could let go of word count, just write. Getting stuck with what I want to say,trying to make it flow,  is a process that is teaching me patience! I tell myself, this is just the first draft! Editing will come later, so just write! Sometimes my ideas do not go with the current chapter so I jot them down for later.. To add or discuss in a future chapter.  Not a very organized method, but I think it will work for my right- brained self! At least I know I enjoy the genre of self-help and spiritual growth. It hit me the other day that I read so many of these type of books, and for a long period in my life they were so instrumental in my personal development.  I desire to write these type of books, to hopefully offer some benefit to someone, uplift someone, by my sharing my thoughts on the page. Keeping this goal, really this heart - felt vision, inspires me to patiently pace myself, dig deep, and write. The words will come.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Forging ahead

Today I am back in the writing saddle again! After dealing with illness and adjusting to this extreme winter weather I am forging ahead with a new writing project. It is about faith, a very important topic to me. I started out with my first chapter coming along nicely and after beginning ch 2 I realized I may need to develop an outline! I know I could just write, see where it goes, edit as needed. This leads me to ponder automatic writing and wonder how that works. Fascinating topic, for me anyways! 
I do have a word count goal for this book, which scares me a little as it is my first time doing this and it feels daunting! But I tell myself, slow and steady wins the race.
On I go with my vision in my heart; also  I am about to make a life changing decision today as well. Needing fortitude, yet feeling inspired and grateful. Now to find my pen!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Living intentionally

     I would like to start by saying that I am thankful for many things in my life. I am very fortunate to have the people in my life that I do, and I am currently taking a lot of steps in the directions of my dreams. I am filled with anticipation for the future. How can this be, such a difference in outlook?
     To be at the point in my life that I am has been a journey of discovery and reflection, true. But what I have found lately is that I was becoming consumed with seeing a change in my life, almost as if I was being propelled forward by some invisible force. This culminated in the realization that I had to act as the saying goes. I had to learn to hold my focus, stay positive and do what needed to be done to see my dreams come to fruition. All of this is common sense, really. But we get in our own way sometimes. I certainly do. When I consciously stopped doing this so much and opened up to the fact that I needed to apply and live by the truths I had been reading others had been telling me for years... I began to see that my dreams were possible. I was worthy. Affirmations, meditation, all outward actions taken stemmed from a newfound belief in myself and my connection to a higher source of love. A new way to be, indeed. All the truths from all the books I have read were finally making a difference in my life because it was not just in-my-head knowledge but had reached my heart.
     What I would like to offer you from all of this is... the journey to fulfillment, to peace, is different for everyone. Different timing and circumstances are involved and we all get what we need.
Stop and think of the beauty of what is actually going on every day.. People are waking up and finding the answers or solutions they were seeking and life becomes new, different, beautiful and sacred. Like it really is.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today, a travel poem

I am today offering a poem inspired by travel, vacationing, the experience of somewhere new.


        Planned in advance
        finally here
        time to go
        off in a hasty cab
        airport crowded and chaotic
        nothing is on time anymore 

        Visions of cotton-like clouds
        spread out in vastness
        like mountain peaks and valleys
        of white serenity

         Landing is smooth, here we are
         smack - stamp - whack
         goes the no-smile agent
         follow the herd
         you'll see the exit
          At last the clock announces
          one more hour away by bus
          zipping through the concrete jungle
          speeding towards relaxation
          trees and shopping in the rear-view mirror

          A vision of our haven arrives
          greeting weary, eager eyes-
          a glory to be sure
          shining in the sun

          Cold, luxurious marble floors 
          shine and welcome simultaneously
          foreign voices are melodious
          become a hum in the background
          join the birds serenading their paradise

          Necessities attended to
          baggage unloaded and checked
          no plans from this point on

          Down to the beach
          we say in knowing unison
          and suddenly
          we find ourselves sighing
          at the caress of velvet powder
          inhaling the scent of blue
          and smiling 
          holding hands
          we dig our sand- deficient toes in the sand.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Ok, so the new laptop I received at Christmas is already going to have to go in for repairs... What is with a green screen? Anyway, I kind of panicked about losing a newly started story until I realized that even if I have to start over I can prevail. I have had to start over on many things before-- not usually a story I had ten pages on -- but still ! I do not like the idea of time or energy being wasted yet I recognize the personal benefit I gained from the experience , the reflection involved, was the gift  I received from my writing and that cannot be lost. So when I get my laptop back I will take what I have handwritten and add to my story. I will utilize the library and be open to the experiences that come from going with the flow. Inspiration abounds!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Looking and finding answers

I love quiet time to reflect and seem to be getting up earlier as of late, which gives me time for reflection. I have been thinking about what steps to take next in my life and am wanting clarity, assurance that what I want to do is the right thing. But isn't that the point? Every choice we make in life leads us to another, and the path is set. Maybe there is no right choice yet I must go with what feels right, what is calling me. Learning to listen to inner guidance, going within, is for me resulting in the knowledge that I must pursue that which will fulfill me, use my gifts, answer the call of my heart. I know I can no longer ignore the message I am receiving, and it is that way with us all. To heed the call of our passion is a turning towards joy. It involves many steps and obstacles. We do not take this journey alone, however. Stay the course, and you will see !

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Reflections on progress.. in lfe and story

Finding it hard to continue on with my story titled " Remembering"  but I will get back to it tomorrow. I am wanting to have the story help others who have gone through what I have went through and yet I also know a lot of my battles have been of my own making.
Makes me wonder why we are so hard on ourselves sometimes.
Even now I count my blessings as I wish for things to be different. What happened to contentment and seeing all we have been graced with? I have overcome a lot just like everyone yet do not focus on that grand truth enough. Time to start, I think.  If I can find the words to express this in my book it will guide me to finishing it, or at least get closer. Wish me luck, and may I see the guidance that is always near!

Friday, January 10, 2014

reflections of a bibliophile

   Today I spent a few hours in the library,  just looking at what was there for fun and also doing research. I found the sheer number of  cookbooks to be amazing, for example. I was able to see many new books that interested me and favorite books I have read before. I still remember the summer I read a particular book and how other books could not grab me the way that one did. I love to have several books that I am reading at once. Is that weird? Maybe. But I read fiction and nonfiction at the same time, so I mix it up a little. Maybe it is my way of being unusual, contrary. Or maybe it is just me, taking it all in, being me. Finally.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Today I have written 1000 words on basically what I have learned as a result of my experience having Turner's Syndrome. I am finding it hard to decide how to structure my story but it is exciting and rewarding. Loving this chance to express my heart, and all because of snow days. Go snow!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

I am so happy for it to be 2014 and I am looking forward to my experiencing the process of
having more poems written and children's stories written and published.
I just last week published on kindle through create space my first poetry book. So excited!!!